Creating tool-ready parts.

At this point, you should be aware of what everybody thinks of your conceptual idea.  You've pitched it to focus groups and gleaned the necessary feedback.  You have eager investors waiting to throw money at you.  You know your market inside-out.  Time to put the finishing touches to the idea of the century.

Depending on how many units you envisage to sell, and what price point you're going into the market at, we can determine how you will need to manufacture your product, and more importantly, how we'll design it.

Are you looking at producing 100 units a year, or 100,000?  What are the important factors?  Weight?  Strength?  Material?  Environment?  Is it a complex assembly or a single part?  Depending on what's required will determine what manufacturing method is best for your idea.

There are many different methods of manufacture to consider such as plastic injection moulding, RRIM, SRIM, blow moulding, casting (sand, gravity and die casting), machining and lay-up methods for GRP and Carbon Fibre.  All of these methods have their own design rules and can affect the product in different ways.

After many years of working with very different manufacturing processes, we're confident we can turn that sketch/render/prototype into a production ready 'real world' part.

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