Analysing your production line.

Once we have a cost efficient, robust, usable & manufacturable set of parts to form a realistic BOM (Bill Of Materials), and we understand how many units will be travelling along your production line each year, we can assist with process planning design.

We can take this information, coupled with your desired shift pattern, and calculate the 'Takt' time.  Takt time is the duration that it takes for a sparkly brand new product to roll off the end of your production line.

This valuable piece of information then gives us the ability to calculate the number of stations you will require.  It will also give us an idea of any jigs and fixtures needed, number of employees & factory floor space required. 

We can even future proof your production line.  If we understand how you plan to scale up, we can calculate how it will affect your station count, employee numbers and floor space.

All of this information is invaluable for your business plan.


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