• Craig.

"Right now, I need 2 positives... know, one to cancel out the negative and another one just so I can have a positive."

Classic Partridge. However, very relevant for how we're all feeling at the moment.

What are we on now? Depending on where you are, national lockdowns have been happening since early March, so, maybe 8 weeks now?? EIGHT weeks since checking out of normality.

If you're like my Mother, you're checking out the news every day, and let's face it, it's pretty bleak out there. Everything is COVID-19. Remember Brexit? Neither do I. The Pentagon basically confirmed that Aliens exist today. Normally huge news....but invisible amongst a sea of PPE problems, who has the most deaths, virus mutations, warning against bat soup, people licking condements in supermarkets. If our alien overlords could tune into our news feeds, I doubt they'll be sticking around for much longer. We're not exactly a premium interstellar holiday destination are we.

Right now, we're not just facing mortal danger from a novel virus, or economical ruin, we now have to contend with ever increasing mental health issues. If you're lucky enough to be shacked up with people you actually like, or living in an LA mansion with a pool, jacuzzi and a few hundred million billion acres (one celebrity posting a video, drinking coffee from a gold cup in his kidney bean shaped pool springs to mind), or simply happy enough in your own skin, this isn't going to affect you as much. That said, there is no magic formula to combat mental health issues.

However, for some, this period is excrutiating. Lack of contact, wave upon wave of terrible news, increased anxiety and a bleak forecast for how things will turn out once we exit lockdown. It's stoking the flames of a blaze already out of control.

If you sit still for 5 minutes and have a good old think about what's happening right now, yeah, it can drag you down. You can, however, find quite the opposite. That's certainly what i'm trying to do right now. I'm trying to be positive.

For me, i'm trying to ignore everything out of my control. Don't get me wrong, i'm calling around to try and secure some work, i'm following lockdown guidelines to the letter, i'm trying to stem the flow of our bank account dripping money down the drain. I'm trying to protect my family from the negative stuff out there. However, i'm actively searching for the positives, and there are positives if you look for them.

Like, quality family time. Other than when my daughter was born, where I spent the first 3 months of her life with her 24/7, I normally only spend 1 or 2 hours a day with her before she goes to bed (except for weekends of course). Now, I get up with her every morning, we play and learn as a family all day long (except for that magical 2 hour nap). We get chance to craft and bake. We are seeing such a huge difference in her development with both of us around all the time.

DIY projects. Gardening. Nesting. Normally this is saved for the weekend, but after a good 50 to 60 hours working in front of a computer, it's the last thing I want to do. However, with time on your side, you can spread out the things you've been putting off for however long, and it can be enjoyable. We now have a garden to be proud of, bedrooms are ready for the new arrival in July, and we've created a space that's a pleasure to be locked into.

What are your positives???? Concentrate on that, not on the other stuff.

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