The world's first ride-able golf bag

The design brief was simple...ish.  Decrease the time it takes to play a round of golf.  Reduce damage to the fairways. Create a product that you can transport yourself in the back of your car.  Simple to use, fun to ride.

With that, the Looper was born. 

Two variants were developed, the first was the Pro-Looper, a personal Looper you can take anywhere.  The second larger model was the Club-Looper, a golf course based vehicle for hiring.

At Chill Design Box, we helped develop the idea, from the styling, to the chassis, all the way up to the electrical systems for both variants.  From there, we built working prototypes for both variants.

One major challenge was time.  With the Club-Looper, we had to get a working prototype ready for a major golf exhibition.  We succeeded in getting the Looper ready for the show, going from a blank piece of paper to a fully assembled, working, ride-able example in just six months. 

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