We've all had dreams of changing up our homes a little bit.  A new fireplace.  Maybe different windows.  What about a super fun happy slide running from the upstairs back bedroom into a ball pit in the garden? 

What people are used to seeing when planning home renovations are 2-D technical drawings, but some people find it hard to visualise what the modifications will look like in the real world.

Using CAD and rendering software, we can help you envisage what your ambitious changes will look like after the dust has settled and you've handed over that last cheque, without knocking out a single brick.


Below, we wanted to see how the garden would look with a sail shade and a french door leading from the kitchen, through the gable end of the house.  We modelled the house to it's exact dimensions then popped it into Keyshot 9.  From there, we can play with materials and colours to see what might look best.  

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House 1.12.jpg
House 1.jpg