The hubless hub motor

After working with quite a lot of EV vehicle concepts, we found the world of brushed/brushless hub motors a challenging one.  Finding exactly the right size, spec and aesthetics was tricky.  We then thought to ourselves "we're engineers and designers, lets design our own", so we did.

The hubless look (like on the motorcycles in the film Tron) is certainly an eye catching, drool inducing design.  Hubless wheels existed, but only in a mechanical form, such as a rack and pinion style drive system.  However, we couldn't find an electric alternative.

After a month of brainstorming, we came up with Halo.  The benefits were clear.  No more axles, CoG kept low, 4 wheel steer and 4WD a real option, plus it would look great on any type of vehicle.  Most of all, it was electric. 

One big problem, our timing was off.  Just as we were about to start testing, a Finnish company called RMK vehicles brought out their own hubless wheel to market on a very neat looking electric motorcycle.  They were way ahead of us, having a tried and tested hubless wheel on their very own show bike.

So we were a little late to the party on that one, but that said, it was a great learning curve for us.  It was also interesting to see two designers from completely different countries having the same idea at roughly the same time.

Great minds and all that.

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