We all start somewhere.....

Some people never really know what career to pursue when they leave school.  Luckily, I never had that problem.

Growing up I loved art, I loved to create, & I loved solving problems, so the path to becoming a designer was an obvious one to take. 

Design and being a designer has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey.  We're always learning and evolving because the most important reason for design is always evolving too.  You.  Me.  Everybody. 

At the heart of any form of true design is the user.  Understanding the user and what makes them tick will inevitably create a better product.  Know your user.  Know your product.

Since leaving full time education in 1993, I have been lucky enough to work in many different areas of design, from process and manufacturing design, product development, all the way up to UX and UI.  My career has spanned many different industries such as telecommunications, automotive and aerospace.  I have worked on parts & products for cars, aircraft interiors, motorbikes, trikes, cameras, mobile phones, golf buggies, & even a tank.

At Chill Design Box, we can help visualise your concept, your project, your dream.  We can advise on concept development, prototyping, manufacturing, process and assembly.  We can take your rough sketches and transform them into fully rendered photo-realistic images, or even a physical prototype you can hold in your hand. 

When a concept is complete, we can take that initial design to create a production-ready 'A' surface and 'B' surface developed model, depending on the type of manufacturing process required.

Let's start something.  Get in touch.

Craig Hill - Director